It is self-evident that large volumes of various commodities are transported every day from country to country. Whether your company is in business of grains, agricultural products, cement, fertilizers, Quartz, Feldspar, limestone, road salt, solar salt, scrap, iron ore, coal , alumina, metal concentrates and steels, whether you are interested in seeking vessel to suit your tramp or liner service or time-charter employment for your vessel, SEPTRANS dedicated Bulk team can fix a ship to carry your cargo sold to your overseas clients.

SEPTRANS role is to act as an intermediary between the two parties engaged in a contract, whether they are Ship-owners and Charterers in the chartering market, or buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase market. We may represent one principal or perhaps as the sole broker between the two contracting parties. During negotiations, we will be involved in all phases to assure that the terms and conditions are beneficial for the represented party. This would include acquiring and bringing the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of the fixture or sale, finalizing the details of the contract and following the contract through to its conclusion.

We assist you in the improving the supply chain, for us it’s not just getting the ship but its getting the cargo to the ultimate destination. Therefore having an effective supply chain that is well planned and synchronized can lower your costs and enhance your revenues.

If you have any upcoming bulk shipments, just enter your cargo details or send email to